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"Birds of a Feather" is currently in development to be filmed in Milwaukee, WI, showcasing its comforting Midwest culture and the middle-class. An urban character drama, it is the story of a blue collar loner who takes in a young girl facing foster-care. But, he must peel back the layers of his own childhood trauma before he can save her from the same fate.

This film brings together two unlikely individuals under a rare circumstance while exploring themes of childhood PTSD and antithetical lives. And while they struggle to "find each other" and heal their wounds, we are taken on multiple journeys into each of their minds through triggered memories that colorfully meld into their current surroundings.

Writer and Director: Marisa Merkl
Director of Photography: Daniel Andera

Lead Producer: DeChantel Kosmatka

We are currently in search of investors. Interested in hearing more about this film?

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